This is a site where I hope to share my work as a Street Pastor and help other people join that work.

A Street Pastor helps leads the marginalized back into the church, and the church out to the marginalized.

The Street Pastor keeps both parties company, and tries to offer both parties safe passage to one another. And help them meet at common tables.

The Street Pastor belongs to an organization called Church Army USA.  Church Army is an order of evangelists who have been called to administer the sacrament of presence to the most vulnerable, turning our face toward those those the world has turned its face from.

Each week, I post a reflection on the week I've had  as a Street Pastor and how the Gospel has made that week beautiful, strange, or hard.  Or, as if often the case, all three at once. 


My friend, Jana Newberry, provides art to go along with these reflections. I'm grateful for her beautiful work. 

Please read along, and join me in the adventure. And if you want to volunteer, or come see what I do, please contact me on the contact link, I love to have people come along.

In Christ, 



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