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ChaplainEvangelist with Church Army USA


Church Army is an order of evangelists who’ve been called to administer the sacrament of presence to the most vulnerable, turning our face to those the world has turned its face from. 


We believe the sacrament of presence is an offering that casts His Light, an offering by which Christ gathers His People to Himself. 


Three things make up the sacrament of presence: regard, company, and tables. We give regard, come alongside, and make places for people to be. 


These places for people to be are our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly third spaces. We believe they are a sign and witness of the Sabbath Rest offered only in Christ–who cleanses pride, casts out lies, mends all wounds, and will give us final rest from all suffering and trouble by Dying, Rising, and Coming Again. 


Ours it “porch light” evangelism, holding out the fierce flame of Gospel so that it casts a gentle light to reveal Christ to the ignored and crushed.

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